Sustainability & CSR

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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and CSR

The process of sustainability is a pathway of continual improvement where actions protect and enhance human and natural resources needed by future generations to enjoy a quality of life equal to or greater than our own. At Fairyhouse Steel we are committed to ensuring that our company will carry out it’s activities in a respectful manner to our environment and Community. We became accredited to the CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel Scheme in 2012 ensuring that we operate a defined approach to managing our impacts on sustainable developments development aspects within a sustainability management system. We adhere to the following key sustainability principles: inclusivity, integrity, stewardship, and transparency. We operate the following management systems to ensure compliance:

• ISO9001- Quality
• ISO14001- Environment
• BS8902: 2009 (Responsible Sourcing)
• BES6001 review

Fairyhouse Steel is prioritizing waste reduction efforts and actively seeking ways to enhance our reliance on renewable energy sources. We have recently installed a 200kVA Solar Panel System. This system should provide for approx. 25% of annual consumption. As shown above, the environmental benefits will accumulate substantially over the course of the systems lifespan.

During our summer months, more than half our energy consumption is facilitated through our Solar panels saving approximately 50 tonne of CO2.


Fairyhouse Steel have implemented an Environmental Management System which complies with ISO 14001: 2015.  We outline our commitment to the Environment in our Environmental Policy, reducing the negative impacts of our operations to protect our Employees, customers, community, and environment.

Our CARES Approved Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BSEN ISO 9001 2015.

Our commitment to Quality is reflected through responsibly sourcing Processors certified to CARES SCS scheme or equivalent acceptable to CARES, ensuring each batch is traceable to a specific order and product placed on market is high in recycled content and deemed to comply with the relevant products standards.

Fairyhouse Steel identifies the training needs of its staff and takes action to ensure awareness and competence, at each relevant function and level. Fairyhouse Steel ensures that persons performing of tasks for the company or on the company’s behalf, whose work may have a significant impact on the sustainability of the company, are competent in health & safety, environmental, and quality procedure procedures on the basis of appropriate education, training and/ or experience, and associated records are retained. This is demonstrated in the training plans for records, held by the SMS Team Leader

We are focused on continuously improving our carbon footprint by embracing initiatives such as lower carbon power sources i.e. our Solar Panels Programme and also improving our Annual Performance Statement providing more transparency on our Corporate Social Responsibility, engagement with Community and Charity partners and Sustainability initiatives.

How We Engage with Our Stakeholders

A stakeholder analysis has been carried out as illustrated below: 

Stakeholders have been categorized as Primary, Secondary and Key.
Primary stakeholders: are those ultimately affected, either positively or negatively by an organisations actions.
Secondary stakeholders: are persons or organisations who are indirectly affected by an organisations action.
Key stakeholders: who can also belong to the first two groups have significant influence upon or importance within the organization.

Fairyhouse Steel will engage with stakeholders through face-to-face communication, e-mail, telephone, site visits and surveillance audits to determine our performance and how we can further improve the long-term security of the business.

Fairyhouse Steel will always attempt to ensure our stakeholders views and concerns are considered while making any business decisions.

What is Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

One key feature and benefit of the CARES Sustainability Scheme is independently validated carbon footprint data and an advanced Lifecycle assessment (LCA) calculator that provides company-specific verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) to the EN 15804 standard. Further to CARES validation of the data, BRE Global provide an additional, 3rd party and independent, layer of verification with all EPD reports published on BRE Global’s ‘GreenBookLive’ website.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a transparent way of communicating a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the environmental impacts of a product in a common format based on common rules.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), EPD’s and other social and environmental data are used by construction material certifications to provide confidence to clients that sustainability impacts are understood and systems and processes are being managed to improve performance and reduce negative impacts.

As an independent profit for purpose company CARES can guarantee an independent and impartial review and the unrivalled knowledge provided by our specialist team. The CARES Sustainability Scheme comprises independent validation of carbon footprint data and issuing Company Specific and Sector Average verified EPD’s to EN 15804 by using an advanced and verified EN 15804 LCA calculator.

Further to CARES validation of the data, BRE Global provide an additional, 3rd party and independent, layer of verification with all EPD reports published on BRE Global’s ‘GreenBookLive’ website.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Fairyhouse Steel

Fairyhouse Steel both local business and local Community. We are the proud sponsor of the Adult Mens Senior Football Club Championship in Meath.

Fairyhouse Steel is pleased to continue our support of Biodiversity Ireland's All Ireland Pollinators Plan 2015-2025. In 2019, we completed two new biodiversity projects, one being our seeds for schools. We supplied wildflower seeds and pollinator information to two local primary 6th class students. We will continue with this project for 2020-2025.

We also carried out a study of the on-site flora and indicated a planting program of pollinator-friendly trees and shrubs 2020-2025. Community relations are important to Fairyhouse Steel, and we use various methods to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which we operate.

Proudly Supporting